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Nelson, owner of the sneaker factory

A family-owned factory specializing in sneakers, led by a shoemaker with five decades of experience.


Medellin, Colombia




Simone, Nina

a photo of medellin, colombia
a photo of the outsoles for sneakers

A Bit of Background

Established over 30 years ago in Medellin, Nelson’s family-owned factory operates with a great social sense. Nelson’s wife Diana and his daughter Laura also work in the factory, overseeing production and employees. Nelson has dedicated his life to shoemaking with five decades of experience, and because of this, he has been characterized as an expert in the sector, manufacturing shoes of excellent quality and high standards. 

shoemakers working on sneakers

Working Together

In making our first sneakers, we wanted to do it right. We chose to work with Nelson because he specializes in sneakers and is always looking to innovate. His factory is one of the largest in Medellin, but operates with the feeling of a small, close-knit team, and is a leader in ethical production practices.

We’re excited for the launch of this new category for Fortress, and we look forward to expanding our collection with Nelson and his family. 

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