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We take pride in who we work with and we truly believe that the people who make our shoes are just as important as those who buy them.

Click on an image below to learn more about our shoemaking partners.

Pedro + Marta

An atelier run by a husband and wife team that makes some of our most popular styles.

Responsible for: Adra, Alexandra Paige, Ava, Charli, Elise, Frankie, Hannah, Madeline, Michelle, Rayna, Willow


A family owned and operated factory run by a third generation Peruvian-Italian designer.

Responsible for: Adriana Coco, Ani, Anika, Asa, Charlotte, Chelsea, Clara, Claudia, Ezi, Isla, Lily Paige, Luna Naya, Paloma, Riri, Sloane


A small, tight-knit workshop on the edge of Lima.

Responsible for: Carmen, Ellie, Emmy


A family-owned factory specializing in sneakers, led by a shoemaker with five decades of experience.

Responsible for: Nina, Simone

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