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Little by Little, One Walks Far

Little by Little, One Walks Far

Last week in Peru's capital, the United Nations convened the Lima Climate Change Conference. The new agreement, negotiated by over 190 countries outlines a schedule to address this pressing issued in Paris at the end of 2015 while also outlining rules on how countries can submit their contributions to the agreement.

These important actions by countries shall form the foundation for climate action from 2020 and will be an important step for our planet Earth.

At Fortress of Inca we have decided to continue to do our part by reimagining our packaging. We are proud to announce that we will begin using a sustainable shoe box in early 2015. The new shoe box we are phasing in (pictured below) is made from recycled carton and utilizes 90% less paint than our previous box. We have done this in order to minimize our environmental impact. The Fortress of Inca brand is committed to the principles of sustainability and ethical fashion and we thank you for your continued support.

We believe that fashion and footwear brands owe the planet a responsibility. Although change is required on a massive scale, we believe that small steps by each brand can help us get there and we encourage a continuing conversation about ethical fashion and sustainable footwear. Little by little, one walks far. 


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