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makendy smith from austin tx poses for young leaders of america initiative (ylai)

Makendy's Story: Part Four

For the last month, we have had the pleasure of hosting a shoemaker from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti at our offices in Austin. Makendy Smith earned a fellowship through the Young Leaders of America Initiative (YLAI) - a program launched by President Obama - which aims to build linkages between young leaders and entrepreneurs across the western hemisphere. Makendy has been sharing his experiences here on our blog while he's been here with us. If you'd like to learn more about his business, you can check out his Facebook page here

Today's post is his last. Normally we would help a bit with translating his thoughts and cleaning up the phrasing, but this post was perfect as is. -Evan


Can not sleep tonight, and being inspired by this beautiful rainbow took shape under your sky this afternoon, and if this cold rain crying our departure, I will take the opportunity to thank you for your contribution a success of my stay at home during these three exciting weeks.

Tomorrow, I will not have to wake up very early to take my bath, my breakfast, my backpack and the Metro to go to Fortress of Inca, at Texas Traditions, Noah Marion Quality Goods or Leagues of Rebels. I also dont go to The International Office for leadership training sessions, personal development or entrepreneurship, unfortunately not! Tonight is my last night here in Austin, Texas ... but I have to continue my journey ... a big thank you, Evan Streusand, Lee Miller, Noah Marion Musa Ata. Your mentoring, coaching, advice was so important. Thanks to you my experience was wonderful and rewarding.

A special thank you to the Institute Staff, Angela Branigan, Assistant Director, Annette Whattley, Program Coordinator, also Krystle Haney, Assistant Program Coordinator's International Office of the University of Texas and the International simpy of staff for all the efforts deployed towards us to offer us this beautiful and memorable stay here in Austin during these three weeks. Ladies, you have done a good job, know that Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Curacao, Equador, Brazil, Aruba, Bolivia, Belize, Nicaragua and Uruguay have really enjoyed.

Unfortunately I have to leave Austin... but know also that your murals throughout the city which I have admired, your passion for the orange and the Longhorn, your catchy music, barbecues, your Cowboys boots ... all I will miss. Ticket in hand, ready suitcases, now heading to Washington for the summit. Goodbye Austin!

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