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Products With Purpose | SXSW

Products With Purpose | SXSW

In March, South By Southwest took Austin by storm as it does every year, and this year was nothing less (and actually more) than we expected it would be. Downtown becomes the best place to find fashion inspiration and fun parties as festival goers from across the country attend panels, shows, and exclusive events.

This year, our very own Co-Founder Evan Streusand served on a panel titled: Products With Purpose: How Indie Brands Go Big. The panel discussion focused on the changing preference of big-box retailers to carry unique products that provide a more exclusive collection in both smaller boutiques and larger stores like Anthropologie and Free People. Not only do unique brands like Fortress of Inca make shopping in local shops more interesting, our brand has a purpose that comes along with purchasing a pair of shoes. Customers appreciate that our brand runs on sustainable practices, taking care of the people who wear our shoes and the ones who make them. 

The panel also spotlighted two other brands, Primal Pit Paste and Son of a Sailor that are also built around ethical business practices. Make the world a better place and buy local, buy sustainable, and feel great about what you are using/wearing!

Primal Paste

Follow this link to read more coverage of the SXSW panel Evan served on, and look around the online stores linked above to check out the other great indie brands that served on the panel this year!

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