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rustic home - diy decor ideas

Rustic Wonderland | 10 DIY Ideas to Try

Design Trend: Rustic

One of the biggest trends of the moment is the idea of “rustic.” From weddings to home décor to the boom of the Mason jar industry, this is a trend that is definitely having a moment in the culture at large. However, “rustic” doesn’t just mean Mason jars and finished wood. In its essence, “rustic” refers to the charm in simplicity, an idea we embrace here at Fortress of Inca. Our shoes are made by skilled Peruvian artisans using premium materials, not materials that have been through innumerable chemical processes. We keep it puresimple, and fair.

DIY Ideas

Therefore, in celebration of the rustic style, here are a few beautiful DIY ideas to try to turn your home into a rustic wonderland without breaking the bank.

1) Industrial Edison Style Chandelier

Instructions at

2) Wood Stump Table

DIY Wood Stump Table - Justine Celina

Instructions at

3) Rustic Industrial Jewelry Organizer

Bless'er House - DIY Jewelry Organizer

Instructions at


4) Small Stool with Hairpin Style Legs

rustic wonderland diy ideas - small stool with hairpin style legs

Instructions at

5) Mason Jar Wall Planter

rustic wonderland diy ideas - mason jar wall planter

Instructions at

6) Pallet Coffee Table

Instructions at

7) Tree Stump Candle Holders

Instructions at

8) Entryway Bench

Instructions at


9) Knitted Wire Basket

Instructions at

10) Branch Art

Instructions at

After you’re done, you can kick off your Fortress of Inca boots, relax, and admire your beautiful home!



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