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Summer 10x10 Capsule Challenge

Summer 10x10 Capsule Challenge


Hey Hey, I’m Lindsay, an intern here at Fortress of Inca. A few people came into the store to pick items they planned to use in their 10x10 Challenge and it sparked my interested so I thought I’d give it a try! The challenge was created by Caroline of Unfancy and Lee of Style Bee. The rules of the challenge are simple, pick 10 items from your closet and wear only those 10 items over the course of 10 days. The 10 pieces include tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes.

The past few years I’ve tried my best to avoid fast fashion and support brands doing good in the world and invest in pieces that I will love for years. Though I was aware of the growing ethical and slow fashion movement, I hadn’t ever really heard of a capsule wardrobe until last year when I watched a video by Hailey Devine of her journey to creating her capsule wardrobe and was greatly inspired. I had never noticed while following her on Instagram that she was only wearing a small amount of items, she always looked so so cute and every look was completely different! That being said, I thought the 10x10 Challenge would be a great test-run to see how shrinking my collection and working towards a capsule wardrobe would feel.

I've narrowed down to 10 items I love and I'm ready to get started! 


1. Textile Dress | Stela9

I have two dresses from Stela 9 and they are a few of my favorite pieces I own. The brand is based in Antigua, Guatemala and produces ethically alongside amazing artisans there. The color and cut of this one makes me very, very happy.

2. 100% Human Tee | EVERLANE

Everlane is the bomb. I got this shirt over a year ago and I still find myself wearing it excessively. Not only is Everlane a great slow fashion company, but they donate $5 for every purchase from the 100% Human Collection as well.

3. Flower Button-Up | Goodwill

So much of my closet is from Goodwill or other thrift stores. I bought this cute patterned button-up tank I kid you not 7 years ago for a few bucks at Goodwill and still wear it a ton. It is cute tied up, on it’s own, under a cardigan, etc.

4. Blue Striped Tee | Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids was one of the first slow fashion brands I ever found and I’ve been a huge fan for many years. I love the relaxed surfer/skater style, though ironically I neither surf or skate... Krochet Kids styles help me be a poser and I love them for it. Oversized t-shirts are my favorite because they can be tied, tucked it, and worn through all seasons!

5. Huipil | Guatemala

I purchased this vintage huipil at my favorite store in Guatemala. They have mounds of used huipiles to search through and I always leave with a few gems. I’m obsessed with Guatemalan textiles and have accumulated lots of stuff from Guatemalan markets and boutiques over the years. I tend to wear black, white, and denim primarily so I decided to throw this in because after-all it is summer and this piece adds so much color and fun.

6. Grey Jeans | BALDWIN

Baldwin is a Kansas City based company (Kansas girl represent). I have a few pairs of their denim and you can seriously feel the elevated quality, fit, and design in all of them. I’ve had this grey pair for two years now and they are still a staple in my wardrobe.

P.S. Beyonce has been seen in Baldwin and I’d do anything Queen B does to be honest.

7. Black Jeans | Goodwill/LEVI'S

I picked up these Levi’s from Goodwill just a few weeks ago. I had been in the market for black jeans for what seemed like forever so I was stoked to find these bad boys. Levi’s are my favorite to wear and finding them at Goodwill is always a joyous moment because I know I am being nicer to both the environment and my bank account by buying second hand.

8. Riri Chukka Boots in Pebbled Ivory | Fortress of Inca

Love these boots. The ivory is such a unique and fun color, unlike anything I’ve seen in a boot. They can be dressed up or down and worn with such a wide variety of outfits.

9. Adra Slides in Caramel | Fortress of Inca

The Adra is a Fortress favorite and it’s easy to see why. They look so dang good and sleek. The style is extremely versatile and appropriate for any season. I love how easy they are to throw on and they are seriously so comfortable.

10. Gaby Sandal in Caramel | Fortress of Inca

I usually don’t love wearing anything with a heel because I’m fairly tall and like to be comfortable, but the Gaby is perfect. The heel is just right, they are easy to slip on and walk around in. The style is simple with just enough interest. They add an elevated and smart look to any outfit.

I’ll be wearing these 10 items and these 10 items only the next 10 days. I’ll be adding little accessories here and there to keep things fresh. Follow along on Instagram @fortressofinca to see my progress, I’ll be posting stories everyday!

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