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The Top Things to Consider when choosing which Ankle Boots to Purchase

The Top Things to Consider when choosing which Ankle Boots to Purchase

The ankle boot has become ubiquitous. Because of the versatility of the type of shoe, the ankle boot is now all-season and can be worn formally or casually. In the past, ankle boots were described as “the most widely worn style of fashion boots, usually under pants” but this has changed since the inception of this style in the 19th century. We have noticed women wearing ankle boots with shorts and skirts and with jeans as well as mix-matching the shoe with more formal attireAnd because they are so easy to wear and can be bought and sold year-round, ankle boots are very easy to find, they are virtually anywhere on the internet and department stores, so here are a few pointers on how to select the perfect ankle boot to match your needs:

Price: Always consider how much a pair of shoes costs. Primarily, because this indicates the type of quality you will find and also the amount of years that your ankle boots will last! Comparison-shopping is also important, some brands sell at lower prices on other sites rather than their own, so make sure you compare before you make your final choice

Brand: Well-known brands are more likely to cost more than those you’ve never heard of. Also, what does the brand stand for – are they making shoes in China and underpaying workers? Or are they all about paying fair wages and using good materials like Fortress of Inca? The brand of shoe will clearly define the quality of the ankle boots that you purchase, that is why some people prefer to buy ankle boots from famous brands like Timberland and Steve Madden and so on because these brands are likely to be well-known of making boots with quality leather and come with affordable price.

Podiatrists suggest that you should look at for boots with a firm heel counter. Dr. Pourziae says “Just because the fabric covers your ankle doesn’t necessarily mean it provides adequate support.” Indeed, if a boot is made from polyurethane or textile and not from a firm leather, it may not support your ankles adequately.

Another podiatrist Dr. Ravaei says that conversely the ankle boot’s fabric shouldn’t be too tight around your ankle either. “As the day goes on, your ankles swell and if that area is too snug, numbness and pain of the ankle and foot can occur.” And this is sage advice as we tend to wear shoes from morning to night, especially if they are office, or everyday shoes and not the kind of shoes (like high heels) that you are supposedly wearing for just a few hours when you go out to dinner and a bar.

Another valuable piece of advice when shopping for ankle boots is to wear socks (thick socks if its winter) and try your shoes on that way. Many people buy their ankle boots at the end of summer in preparation for winter and try on the shoes without socks and end up realizing that they are too small! So, be smart and be prepared when trying on shoes.

Another trick of the trade is that in many department stores they have padded carpeting in the shoe area. So be smart and wear and try on shoes on cement or on something harder to see if the heels are truly padded underneath the insole.

We, at Fortress of Inca pride ourselves on only using the best materials and that is why in most of our ankle boot styles we use wooden heels and avoid metal and plastic. Wood, if its good can be light weight, durable and age nicely – almost as nicely as our premium leathers do. Similarly, we avoid using plastic or cheap lining, because that tends to tear or worse- stink! And nobody wants to wear a pair of smelly shoes.

Our best selling ankle boot style is called Adriana Coco and it is named after the designer who first inspired the shoe. The reason we have had so much success with this style is because it adds just enough height when you wear it but still has a good sized and shaped heel to help distribute weight and hence makes it a really comfortable shoe to wear all day. The colors available are always black and scotch (our term for “natural” or “tan” leather) and the toe shape of the Adriana Coco is also really cute and feminine which helps, not to mention the fact that the shoe is equipped with an amazing leather sole, which is the ultimate symbol of luxury in footwear. Special editions of the shoe include a gold leather and a nude or “blush” color which is more like a pink than anything else.

Another ankle boot style we have available is Briana which has laces instead of the zipper you can find on the Adriana Coco. Briana is made from suede leather uppers and has a smaller heel of approx. 2 inches so it can be more of a walking shoe. Right now we have the shoe on sale at $190 which is considerably cheaper than the normal retail price of $230- so please take a look before our supply is gone!

If Briana and Adriana Coco aren’t show-stopping enough for you and you want something more – take a look at Micaela – which is an ankle boot style that gives you more height and more coverage with a longer upper. This shoe can be worn formally or paired with shorts to give you that 70’s go-go dancer vibe. We really love the shoe’s silhouette and shape and think it really flatters a woman with long legs or who wants the appearance of longer legs. And we really love the Micaela in the cream leather because it looks so clean and so appealing.

Last, we have Naomi, a western styled ankle boot that can be worn on casual occasions but paired with denim can become semi-formal and worn to more dressy events. Naomi has a luxurious leather sole and is detailed with embroidery on the toe of the upper. What excites us most about this shoe is that it is equal parts comfortable as it is fashionable and since we are based in Texas we also appreciate the western vibe of this shoe!

That’s about all we can say about buying ankle boots and we do hope that our advice on the subject has helped you. We do pride ourselves on making shoes for women who want to wear and own quality shoes that will not only last many years, but will also be priced affordably and age well. The key to making good shoes is to remember that the customer is looking for a pair that they can wear for more hours than ever before. Gone are the times of uncomfortable and cheap shoes – now is the time to find a pair that fits you for years and years.

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