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#WeWalkFar | Vanessa Kaufman

#WeWalkFar | Vanessa Kaufman

Each Friday we share a story from one of the ladies of Fortress with #WeWalkFar. Use this hashtag to share your experiences, get involved, and make a difference!

Influencer: Vanessa Kaufman

Founder of We The Classy, Venessa Kaufman, is passionate about curating the latest in fashion & style content. The goal of We The Classy is to provide a commentary on culture and society that promotes individuality and advocates kindness through fashion.

founder of we the classy, venessa kaufman, sitting on couch. #wewalkfar. she is passionate about curating the latest in fashion & style content.


Tell me about what inspires you to to kick ass every day. What goals and ambitions get you out of bed and keeps you moving forward even on the hardest of days? How do you shake the bad days and moments?

Some days are so hard I wonder if being in social media and running my own blog is all worth it. Then I look at my kids, and I think about what I would say to my daughter if she felt like quitting her dreams. Would I just let her? No way! Absolutely not. I would tell her not goal worth attaining is easy to get to. The best reward comes from the hardest work, and sometimes overcoming the hardest hurdles, which trains you to be stronger. Then I follow my own advice.. because no one likes a hypocrite haha ;)

With the rising trend in Slow Fashion and the benefits to buying well-made, high quality products, have you noticed yourself becoming more aware of the design and production of the clothes you buy?

I've become very aware of the items I buy and where they are made, and the materials used. In all honestly, a company that has a hand in making the world a better place is going to win my business and my loyalty because I indirectly support that cause through them.

What advice do you have for women pursuing a career in your industry? What roadblocks did you have to smash through to get where you are today?

As with any industry, don't let comparison discourage you. At times I had to put down my phone or turn off my computer and remind myself we are all different, and there's room for all of us to succeed. Also, believe in your own worth. Remind yourself when you wake up, your time is precious and if others would like it they need to respect you and value you.

Who has been one of the most inspiring and motivating mentors in your life? What have they done that has personally pushed you to keep going?

My husband. I know he's not technically a mentor, but I respect his ambition and perseverance. I have tried to learn from his innovative thinking, and also his ability to stand his ground unshaken by the world's opinions of him. I value his partnership and support.

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