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What's Your Style? 5 Easy Ways to Tell

What's Your Style? 5 Easy Ways to Tell

This is a guest article written by Samantha

Let’s be real for a second. What we wear says a lot about who we are. Like right now, I’m still sitting in my pj’s, which says I should probably care more about my appearance. Well, don’t judge, okay? If you’d seen me in middle school, you’d probably wonder if I had any style at all. I was trying to figure out who I was back then and my dress definitely reflected that.

To some degree I’m still that girl, because my life is constantly changing and my style changes with it. However, I’m more sure of myself these days and I know what I like and don’t. I’d like to think my style is somewhere between classic and preppy. Not saying I always dress that way, because let’s be honest, I’m still sitting in my pj’s.

What’s your style? Whether you’re set in your style ways or are looking for a new one, here are 5 popular styles and awesome new accessories to go with them


 Classic style

If you wish Princess Kate’s wardrobe was your own (who doesn’t?!), then your style is more classic. Timeless shapes and patterns, crisp lines, and tailored pieces catch your eye. Accessories are kept to a minimum, but the ones you do wear make a statement, even if it’s a subtle one. Classic Style Picks: The Cobalt Houndstooth infinity scarf from BRIANNEFAYE. This printed scarf oozes sophistication and class. The Detroit-based designer combines fashion and art into her all-season scarves, which are sure to become wardrobe staples! The classic, hand-hammered jewelry by Freshie & Zero will be the pieces you reach for time and time again. And again. Freshie, the Nashville mom-of-two, has been making jewelry since she was a kid. Her delicate Tiny Zero Necklace can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect go-to piece.


Preppy Outfit
Button-up Oxford shirts and polos are the trademarks of this New England-born style, but you don’t have to be an Ivy Leaguer to pull it off. Come springtime your wardrobe blossoms with seersucker and madras plaid in all shapes and forms. Preppy Style Picks: The Bonnie Bracelet is hand-forged in the favorite prepster vacation spot of Cape Cod, MA. This simple, yet elegant brass cuff is the perfect piece for an oyster roast or gala. Since it only gets better with age, you’ll wear it forever. The Ultimate Wine Bag from Care Co Productsis essential for trips to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s roomy enough for 6 bottles of wine with compartments for each, so the bottles don’t bump. Secure the goods with a built-in lanyard for the ultimate wine tote!


Earthy Fashion
Your style reflects your love and appreciation for the planet. Organic, Fair Trade, and all-natural is your mantra when it comes to your wardrobe and accessories. Synthetic fibers are banned from both body and closet. Earthy Style Picks: The washable, canvas tote from Apple&Bee. Founders Brett and Claire have made environmental design chic. Their colorful printed bags and accessories are made from organic cotton and natural fibers, like hemp and jute. They’ve even created the Bee Foundation to spread awareness about the importance of bees! Michelle Chang Jewelry celebrates the earth and all that’s in it, living and inanimate. Her delicate jewelry is handmade from precious metals and stones, so no two pieces are exactly alike.


Feminine Fashion
You tend to pick out clothes that play-up your feminine physique, in a tasteful way of course. Think Zoey Deschanel’s colorful outfits on New Girl (ohmygoshlovethatshow!). Polka dots and bows have their place, but you’re more about finding clothes that flatter your figure, like A-line skirts, ruffled wrap dresses, and jewel-toned cardigans. Feminine Style Pick: The Midas rosegold watch from Feral Watches has just the right amount of femininity, without being overly girly. Just like your clothes accentuate your form, this adjustable wrap watch will add the right touch of va-va-voom to your wrist.


Boho, earthy style

Part hippie, part bohemian = boho. Your free spirit is channeled through flowy skirts and tunics that are the essentials of your care-free wardrobe. Tribal patterns and bold prints don’t scare you, in fact you prefer them. Your look isn’t complete without a feathered band around the forehead and a pair of ankle booties. Boho Style Picks: A pair of native-inspired boots from Fortress of Inca are essentials for trekking around music festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella. Each pair is handmade from premium materials like Peruvian leather and handwoven wool for an authentic look. The Adventurine necklace from SoulKu represents possibility, creativity, and prosperity. This handmade stone necklace will help inspire and connect, wherever your free spirit takes you!

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