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Pedro + Marta

An atelier run by a husband and wife team that makes some of our most popular styles.

A bit of background

Pedro and Marta are a dynamic duo who started their workshop over 15 years ago. Pedro makes the shoes, but Marta is definitely the boss, handling administrative duties and keeping the clocks running on time.

Pedro began making shoes when he was just 20 years old, working for a large brand at their shoe factory in his hometown of Lima. During that formative time, he learned every step of the shoemaking process - from cutting and making soles, to patterns and stitching. When the brand decided to move their production overseas, Pedro was out of work...but not for long.

Seeing his talent, it was Marta who encouraged him to branch out and open a workshop they could call their own.

Working together

Their commitment to the craft of shoemaking was immediately evident when we started working with them in 2015. What we love about their shoes is the feeling of substance, the richness of the leather they choose, and the feeling that your shoes are already broken in the first time you put them on.

Even after growing their workshop to what it is today, Pedro is still heavily involved in the making of every pair that leaves their shop.

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