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A family owned and operated factory run by a third generation Peruvian-Italian designer.

A bit of background

The family behind this factory has shoes in their bloodline.

Adriana’s grandfather started in the shoe business. During World War II he was a prisoner of war, and upon returning home to his native Italy he, like many Europeans, decided to move his family to South America, settling in Lima.

Other Italians that he knew who had relocated to Peru had gone into either baking or shoes, and he chose the latter. He started out working in a shoe store - proving to be a great salesman - and then eventually decided to open his own store in the center of Lima. Not only did he have his own store, but he created his own workshop where their shoes were produced. His son (Adriana’s dad) helped out with the thriving family business, helping to expand and open more stores. They kept their focus on comfortable shoes derived from high quality leathers and craftsmanship.

When Adriana finished studying at university she decided to join the family business and help take it to the next level. Competition from China had caused many Peruvian factories to close, but Adriana knew that there was still a strong desire around the world for handmade artisanal products. With her guidance and her family’s experience making and selling shoes, they began working with brands like ours to bring their beautifully crafted goods to the US and elsewhere.

Working together

Adriana's strong eye for design has helped us evolve our own styles - ranging from ankle boots to sandals and everything in between. 

Since 2013 we have worked hand-in-hand with her and her family, continuing the legacy started by her grandfather many years ago. We share a commitment to hard-work, quality materials and a strong sense of community with the people we work with.

We know her grandfather would be proud.

*We have enjoyed collaborating and creating with her so much that we’ve partnered with her on a line called Huma Blanco.

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