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4 Easy Ways to Give Back

4 Easy Ways to Give Back

Right about now, all across the country people are snapping out of their holiday junk food fest and realizing that it is going to take a little bit of resolve to repair the bodily damage done over the past few weeks (just me? OK…). The thing about a resolution like this (or any resolution for that matter) is that it is inspired by something we realize we should be doing, but aren’t, like eating well and taking care of our bodies. The junk food one is an easy target. But we’re built for more than just eating well, right?

Because that’s true, I propose a new resolution for this year and every year: give back. There are opportunities all over every city and small town in the country. Here are a few ways to incorporate serving others in your daily routine.

1. Serve the homeless.

Serving Food

Every city has homeless shelters, and they all need more volunteers. Lots of cities even have networks of multiple shelters. Get in contact with these people and serve once a week—same time, same place. That will make it part of your routine and you’ll build relationships in the process.

2. Donate old stuff.

thrift store donations

We all have stuff we don’t ever use or wear. Go through your closet and storage rooms this winter and get rid of what you don’t need. I guarantee there are people who do.

3. Shovel snow.

Shoveling snow

If you’re south of, say, Missouri, this one won’t mean much to you. If you’re not, however, shoveling someone’s driveway and sidewalk after a big snowstorm is a small act of service that is a really wonderful surprise.

4. Get involved with a charity or non-profit.

Nonprofit charity work

There are literally thousands to choose from. Give your time or your money or your resources—anything. There are lots of people out there who need whatever help people are willing to give.

Bonus idea: 

DoneGood logo image handmade crafts

There are a lot of companies out there doing good and doing right for the world. Our friends over at DoneGood have made it their mission to shine a light on as many of these companies as possible. Check them out: DoneGood.

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